United Conservative Party is choosing our new voice. 

Nomination Contestant  |  Calgary-Fish Creek

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“I believe it’s time for a fresh approach to government.  An accountable approach that consults and listens to the people it is meant to serve.”

Cindy Ross



We have an opportunity to choose our first ever

United Conservative Party candidate.

A little bit about me

I believe it’s time for a fresh approach to government that consults and listens to the people it serves.

Cindy is a principled fiscal conservative with strong values who loves this province. She values all of our business’s and industries, especially supporting oil and gas. She believes we need a viable economy created by people with private sector experience and attitudes in government. Cindy stands fimly behind getting our fiscal house in order so we can adequately provide legitimate and wanted education by parents and students in the system of their choice that is content heavy. While supporting the seniors that built this province with dignity and respect … Click here to read more

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